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How to stitch with the Igolochkoy™ Needle

Step One

With wrong side up, stretch fabric drum-tight across hoop. Fabric must not move as you work. If it becomes loose, pull it down over hoop edges and tighten hoop screw.

(See "Hoop Hints" below)
Step Two
Look closely at the pointed end of the needle. Notice that one side is open and cut at an angle. The other is pointed and has a small eye in it. The open side must always be facing in the direction you are stitching.
Step Three
To hold needle correctly, rest your hand and wrist on fabric surface on table, grasp the needle handle with thumb and first two fingers (fingers parallel to fabric). Place feeder thread over your hand. Never obstruct or allow any tension on the feeder thread.
Step Four
Lift needle back to fabric surface without lifting it off the fabric. Move a short distance (as little as 1/32") scratching across the fabric surface, and plunge needle in again.
Step Five
If the stitches are small enough they will make a continuous line of loops on the right side of the fabric. After you have done several stitches, cut thread tail flush at first stitch.
Step Six
To end stitching, punch until thread is used up or grasp the needle with one hand and place the forefinger of the other hand on top of the last stitch and gently pull needle away from fabric. On wrong side of the fabric, cut all thread ends absolutely flush to the surface. On right side of fabric, cut thread ends even with the loops. It is not necessary to knot the ends.
IMPORTANT: To remove stitches, pull thread out.

Before re-working the area, you must re-align the fabric threads to erase holes left by the stitches removed. Do this by scratching across the fabric with the needle or your fingernail. Do not re-use the thread. Cut used portions odd before resuming stitching. Failure to do either of the above will result in stitches not holding.

Practice spacing stitches and rows of stitches. The smaller the stitches are, the more space you may have between rows of stitching.

For best results, rows of stitching should follow the contour of the shape being filled. Check the finished side frequently.

Hoop Hints

1. Place inner hoop on table with Super-Grip Lip up.

2.Place fabric with design side up

3.Turn adjustment nut on outer ring to the very end of the screw post

4.Place outer hoop over inner hoop with fabric (step 1 & 2 and push down on table

5.Pick up and gently push lip up over outside ring.

6.Adjust nut to moderate tension to keep both hoops from falling apart

7.Alternately pull fabric taut and tighten nut until fabric is drum-head tight. This may take many times around the hoop, pulling hard each time to reach the correct tension in the fabric. Try not to distort fabric grain and design

8.While working, keep tightening the fabric. The tension of the fabric in the hoop makes your stitching easier, faster and more even on the right side (pile side)
If you want to add texture to your work quickly, use any of the three sizes of IGOLOCHKOY TM punch needles and any kind of thread that fits. Recently, I used the 3-strand punch needle with two strand of white rayon thread plus one strand of Sulky iridescent metallic thread to punch the fur on a cross-stitch Santa's hat.

I punched in each hole and between each square (using a hoop of course) on 14 ct. black Aida. In order not to look like rows, I then came back between the rows. Ordinarily, you can move your hoop across your punched, loop stitches and then steam them back up if flattened--not if you are using a metallic--the hoop will leave a mark on your finished work.

When using the new DMC rayon in the punch needle I used a wet sponge on both threads. Stitching with it damp is much easier.

When working on any dark color fabric for cross-stitch, put a white pillow case on your lap or clamp a light on a table to shine up under your work. I use the airplane window behind my work for light since I'm in the air a lot!
When a pattern calls for a tassel, use a pre-made one. Pull the tassel end through the fabric with a small crochet hook from front to back. Secure with needle and thread on the back side.

 For Needlework help, tips or tricks especially Russian Punch Needle questions, you can send me an e-mail using the contact form.

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